Prevalence and Determinants of Stunting and Wasting among Under-five Children at Hargeisa Health facilities,Hargeisa Somaliland 2021:Cross-Sectional Study.

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Addis Abeba University


Background: Children are most vulnerable to stunting and wasting in under developing countries since insufficient dietary intakes, lack of in accurate care, and biased distribution of nourishment inside the family. Stunting and wasting are the most causes of morbidity and mortality among children all throughout the world. Stunting and wasting in Hargeisa Somaliland were distinguished as 30.1% and 20.1% separately in children below five years. Objectives: To identify the prevalence and determinants of stunting and wasting among under five children at Hargeisa Somaliland, 2021. Methods: Institutional based cross-sectional study design including 403 study participants chosen by purposive sampling method was done at Hargeisa Somaliland from January to June 2021. Data Information were collected utilized structured questionnaire from childparents/caregiver by face-to-face interview method used Kobo Collect tool. Anthropometric information is changed over into records of dietary status of Emergency Nutrition Assessment (ENA) software 2012, and SPSS version 25 were used for data analysis. Multivariable logistic regression models were fitted to identify determinants of stunting and wasting. Result: Total of 403 respondents were investigated in the study with a response rate of 100%. Prevalence of stunting was 30.1% and prevalence of wasting was 20.1%. Age of child (AOR= 0.061; (95%CI: 0.004-0.891, P=0.041), child’s father educational status (AOR=2.390; (95%CI: 1.146-4.984, P=0.020) and give child above 6 months meat, fruits, vegetables and porridge (AOR= 2.271; (95%CI: 1.137-4.540, P=0.020) were statistically to be significant associated with stunting. Under five live in the household (AOR= 0.565; (95%CI: 0.288-1.107, P=0.000) and caring children less than 2 years on lab when feeding (AOR= 3.564; (95%CI: 2.119-5.992, P=0.000) were statistically significant associated with wasting. Conclusions: In Hargeisa the prevalence of stunting and wasting were high in the studied health facilities and cooperated with the relation of many independent variables which needs accurate determinant factor specific assessment.



Stunting, Wasting, Determinants, Prevalence, under five children, Hargeisa, Somaliland.