Harmonization Of Vehicle Location Tracking and Speed Control Systems in Addis Ababa City Using Open-Source Platformsa city using open-source platforms

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Addis Ababa University


The Internet of things (IoT), with real-time monitoring of assets, has become the order of the day in this contemporary world. One such application is vehicle tracking and monitoring in real-time. The number of frequent traffic accidents and car burglaries in Addis Ababa is mounting daily. It has become easier to monitor valuable assets, including vehicles, of an individual and organization, from tracking their exact location to monitoring associated assets like speed, fuel, or driver behavior because of modern technology. The traffic management agency (TMA) of Addis Ababa has started an initiative to grant a license to providers of such services that meet its mandatory standard. Almost all service providers have their systems and platform to monitor the location and check the speed limit of automobile owners and motorcycles. Consequently, dozens have already obtained the license and are in operation. However, using these so many platforms also have its disadvantage. They have different properties and focus. It has become overwhelming to TMA and other fleet managers to synchronize all the data from the various devices mounted on motorbikes, automobiles, and platforms. There is a pressing need for a centralized platform from which TMA and other fleet managers for a centralized platform from which TMA and other fleet managers can monitor service providers and vehicle and motorcycle owners. Therefore, this research project focused on developing and using a common platform for all integrators where TMA as a system administrator, will oversight the overall work. The licensed integrators, on the other hand, will deal with the routine work of dealing with end users. Open-source vehicle tracking platforms and affordable platforms were used to achieve the intended result. These open-source resources include Open-Source GPS Tracking System (OpenGTS) and other free software like Structured Query Language (MySQL) server database; open street maps and Apache Tomcat were utilized for synchronization of vehicle location tracking and speed control in Addis Ababa.