Designing a Framework for Hospital Information System: Mettu Karl Referral Hospital

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Addis Ababa University


Background: Hospitals information system is a system for collecting, processing, analyzing, disseminating and using information about a patient health service and community health desires of the population. Hospital Information Systems (HISs) contribute to an efficient patient care with high quality and comprise data transfer with the associated hospital employees, at the right place and time, promoting interoperability among them. In other words, HIS is principally focused on the patient, as well as on medical and nursing care, and the administrative and management issues needed to support these kinds of care. Objective: The general objective of this research project is to design a framework of hospital information system for Mettu Karl Referral Hospital, Ilu Ababora Zone ,Oromia Regional State, South West,Ethiopia. Methodology: An institution-based cross sectional study was conducted at Mettu Karl referral hospital from January to June 2017. For data collection interview, observation, document and literature review was done. For the framework development the FEAF and the Oracle Enterprise architectural frameworks were used. Iterative system development methodology was used for over all framework development. Discussion of Results: By using the perspectives of the FEAF and the Oracle Enterprise architectural frameworks template different business, data and information architecture works were done. Taking the hospital service and activity in to consideration, the investigator identified the architecture service, activity and information principles, information flow between different departments and different customer that have impact on hospital information systems. The hospital will be benefited from this hospital information system framework in that the system will provide quality improvement and good patient management by improving the flow of information in a computerized way. Conclusion: Information is a critical resource for hospitals to provide services like patient care, decision making, and monitoring of outcomes. As a result of this proper and standardized way of information flow can improve communications among the health professionals and different customers.



Designing a Framework, Hospital Information System, Mettu Karl, Referral Hospital