Design and Development of Tigrigna Search Engine

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Addis Ababa University


The web is one of the applications that run over the Internet and that stores information in different formats, such as image, text, audio and video. In order for the user to get the information of his/her interest, search engines play a great role. However, the general purpose search engines fail to consider the specific features of languages other than the English language for effective information retrieval. So, to ensure the efficiency of the IR system, local languages’ search engines are very important. Particularly, Tigrigna language is not well supported by general search engines. Due to this, we have designed and developed a search engine that takes into account the specific properties of Tigrigna language. We proposed a general architecture for Tigrigna search engine. As any other search engine, the Tigrigna search engine we designed has a crawler, indexer and query engine as major components. The crawler downloads and identifies Tigrigna language web documents and stores them in the Tigrigna pages’ repository to be used by the indexer component for further processing. The indexer performs the analysis tasks and finally creates an index which is suitable for searching. The search engine provides an interface in which the user writes his/her queries using Ethiopic script and an interface in which the result is displayed to the user. In this component, after the query phrase is composed in the query field, it is analyzed, searched from the index and finally the documents that are most relevant to this query are displayed based on their rank order (descending). Our Tigrigna search engine is evaluated using 96 documents and some randomly selected queries that can demonstrate the effectiveness of the search engine using the precision-recall matrix. Key words: Information Retrieval, Tigrigna Search Engine, Tigrigna language Identifier, Tigrigna Analyzer.



Information Retrieval; Tigrigna Search Engine;Tigrigna Language Identifier; Tigrigna Analyzer