Correlation b/n Undrained Shear Strength, Swelling Pressure and Standard Penetration Test With Liquidity Index

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Addis Ababa University


Geotechnical investigation is an essential requirement to the design and construction of civil engineering projects the behavior of soil properties is very challenging and unique nature. Geotechnical engineers usually attempts to develop empirical equations specific to a certain region and soil type, but the soil behavior uncertainties involved in this process. The reasons for this result can easily be related to quality of the in situ, borehole sampling and laboratory tests. In addition, there is also a more important reason that affects the obtained results which is the heterogeneous nature of the soil. Determining of undrained shear strength and Swelling Pressure parameters in laboratory are really tedious and time consuming. Therefore, a correlation between undrained shear strength, Swelling Pressure and SPT with Liquidity Index are useful for restraint of testing number and costs. This study the data are obtained from results of field and laboratory tests that have been carried out for Addis Ababa Housing project at koyefeche Condominium building site. As a result of the studies the correlation are established the Undrained shear strength can be estimated by Cu = 33.65e -0.78IL with coefficient of determination (R 2 ) of 51.2 %, Swelling Pressure can be estimated by Ps = 19.53 IL 2 -20.27 IL +30.73 with coefficient of determination 2 (R ) of 70.4 % and the better and more reliable correlation found SPT number Silt with high plasticity (MH) and Silt with low plasticity (ML) Soil. Finally, the output of this study can serve as a basis for detail investigation to carry out further correlation study by using carefully performed and well controlled borehole sampling and laboratory testing.



Undrained Shear Strength, Swelling Pressure, SPT number (N), Liquidity Index (IL)