Content Analysis of Mashafa Mawalyet

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Addis Ababa University


The aim of this study is to analyze the content of Mawaílet which is a level of knowledge given in the ecclesiastical curriculum of Ethiopia. This knowledge is given by a book titled the Book of Mäwaíé’t which is believed to be authored by St. Yared in the 6th century. This study will help readers to know about the content of the Book of Mäwaíé’t and its practice in the church. It is believed to bring a new insight for further researcher in the ecclesiastical tradition in general and the liturgical texts in particular. The paper is framed to have four chapters. The first chapter is devoted to have some background notes about the famous monastery of Zur‟abba Arägawi Sérha Arym, the place where the tradition is believed to have been established by St. Yared and the King (Gäbrä Mäsqäl) and the Saints (Abba ’Arägawi and St Yared) who accompanied him to the monastery. The second chapter discusses about the origin and development of the hymn, its ecclesiastic tradition, the generation of the teachers to date. The third chapter, which is the main body of the research, presents the content analysis. The final chapter contains the conclusion remarks and glossary of terms which are used in the school