Assessment of clergy training program in Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido church development and inter-church aid commission

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Addis Ababa Universty


This study was made to assess the pelformance of Clergy Training Program of Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church. The training needs assessment, the selection of both trainers and trainees, the reinforcement mechanism,facility of the training centers, and contents of the training were assessed in four purposely selected training centers. The four centers were form the Amehara region, Tigray region, Oromia region and South Nations and Nationalities regions. Questionnaire, Interview and Observation were the main tools to gather information. The data analysis was made using relevant statistical tool such as frequency and percentage. The study revealed that the training centers were not well equipped and organized accordingly. They had no uniformity in access of facilities, accommodation and admission of trainees. The program was not done based on training need assessment. And there was no any research activity in the centers so that they were not able to solve at least some of the problems they face. More over the program was held once every year. Though, the centers admit clergy trainees from relatively closer diocese, their geographical dispersion, limited physical quality, and scarcity of inputs obliged them to limit the number of trainees they can admit. In general, the study revealed that the training centers of the church were not efficient to produce effective, problem solving and qualified clergies or church servants. In line with the findings and conclusions drown, it is recommended that the church in collaboration with the laity, external sister churches, donors and the federal government of Ethiopia should upgrade the physical facility of the training program. The church on its part is recommended to do vast and deep training need assessment prior to launching the training, to expand the contents of the training based on the assessment and to have governing rule and criteria of admitting both the trainees and trainers. Research and other contemporary socioeconomic issues should be incorporated in the courses of the training. Finally, the EOTC-D1CAC is recommended to give special concern to the Clergy Training Programs.



Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido church