Designing a Web based Tele-Radiology Management System: The Case of Danu Orthopedic Diagnostic Center, Addis Ababa.

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Addis Ababa University


Introduction: The advancement in health care technology has brought us a means of electronically transmitting radiographic patient images and consultative text from one location to another. This technology is called Teleradiology. Basically, tele-radiology attempts to transfer CT scans, MRIs, and X - rays from one location to another. On the era of information age especially in health care information technology there is an enormous amount of need regarding interoperability and collaborations between organizations. These quest for collaborations range from simple outsourcing of sub processes to complex business network processes. Objective: This project attempt to construct a web based Tele-Radiology Management System based on PACS for Danu Orthopedic Diagnostic Center. Methodology: For the development of the system: Interview and Observation were the methods used to collect data and UML and Microsoft Visio 2003 to design and development methodology. The system was achieved including the necessary interfaces that feed the relevant data to the PACS like demographic information, patient history, examination orders, etc. Result: The result of the project study indicated that there is need of the designed system and good understanding about the benefits of Web based teleradiology Management System. The functions that involve in this system are storing, retrieve, insert, update, and delete image message works successfully. Conclusion: The designed Web-based tele-radiology management system based to support orthopedic radiological medical data. The system, through its modular structure, records all the necessary medical information in terms of patient data, examinations, and operations and provides the user-expert with advanced image-processing tools for the communication, manipulation, processing, and storage of radiological images using the DICOM protocol. Recommendation: A web based tele-radiology management system presents a service delivery model for providing cost-effective and flexible radiological services. The designed system can enable the delivery of radiological services to several diagnostic centers for patient care.



Web based Tele-Radiology Management System