Social Skills Training for Children and Youth with Autism in NIA Foundation Joy Center

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Addis Ababa University


The study aims to investigate the social skills training of children and youth with autism in Nia Foundation-Joy Center for Children with Autism. To accomplish this qualitative descriptive design was employed in order to investigate and describe the issue. The study area selected was Nia Foundation-Joy Center for Children with Autism in Addis Ababa. The number of participants involved in the study was 17. They were 2 administrators, 10 teachers and 5 parents. The administrators and teachers were selected with purposive sampling. The administrators were selected because of their relevance for the needed information and the teachers were selected based on their experience in teaching in the center. Participant parents were selected with availability sampling. The data collecting tools that used in the study were semi-structured interview and observation. The findings of the study show that the center had limitation in using variety of scientific social skills training types such as video modeling, social stories, superheroes, and peer training. The center also had limitation in using technologies specifically to give social skills training. The teachers are not enough qualified in the education and training of children with autism. The center has good strategies to work with parents. Based on the major findings of the study, it is recommended the center to improve the social skill training by using different scientific methods as well as by using available and cost effective technologies as well as governmental and nongovernmental organizations have to support the training and education of children and youth with autism in different possible ways



Nia Foundation Joy Center