Determinants of Turnover intentions of Employees: The Case of Ministry of Agriculture

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Addis Ababa University


Turnover intention is basically the manifestation of one's inner feeling about his or her job. In other words, it is an emotional state linked to one's job, which would effectively be translated into job behaviors, and in due course would positively or negatively affect the overall performance of an employee. In this context, the level of turnover intention experienced by the employee is greatly influenced by various personal, pull and push factors. The main objective of this paper is to identify factors that affect employee turnover intention, so the method that could be employed to investigate this problem is a descriptive survey. A quantitative method is used to assess personal, pull and push factors which are associated with turnover intentions. Convenience sampling is also used as a sampling technique. Primary data were collected from 286 employees using questionnaire methods. The results indicated that all factors (personal, pull and push) have contributed in the employees’ turnover intentions. However, pull factor have significantly contributed in turnover intentions in relation to others



Turnover, Turnover intention, Personal Factors