Web Based Agronomy Advisory System: The Case of Cereal Crops

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Addis Ababa University


This project work presents a web-based Agronomy advisory system for Cereal Crops. Cereals, especially maize and wheat are the major crops developed in Ethiopia. These crops contribute more than 42% of the total crop production of the country and large area coverage in cultivation [12,22]. Wheat and maize are highly adapted to diverse agro-ecological zones of the country. However, these crops suffer from low productivity due to a number of biotic and non-biotic agents. These include poor agronomic practices like poor soil preparation, diseases, insect pests, weeds, and use of poor cultivars etc. Hence, controlling those agents are fundamental requirements to increase crop production. In Ethiopia, farmers get information or consultation from extension workers who serve as mediator between farmers and experts. Extension workers obtain information from documents, manuals and during training. This information may not be enough to respond to users‘ question. At this time they need experts‘ assistance. But the experts are not always available. This system is intended to help extension workers and farmers by solving the problems they faced when experts help is not available. This project is bilingual data base and rule-based Advisory System which covers pre cultivation, farm preparation, diseases and pest management, fertilizer application and variety selection which are necessary for crop production. It provides proper consultation and recommendation throughout crop production cycle. The system has been evaluated by domain experts and the analysis result shows that, the system is acceptable. KEYWORDS: Web-based advisory systems, rule-based Knowledge Based System, Agronomy, Cereal crop, Knowledge base



Web-Based Advisory Systems; Rule-Based Knowledge Based System; Agronomy; Cereal Crop; Knowledge Base