Placement of Trainees into Different Fields of Study in the Selected Government Technical and Vocational Education and Training Colleges of Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


The mazn purpose of the study was to investigate the drawback of placement of trainees into different fields of study in the government TVET colleges of Addis Ababa that has been found to be a controversial issue. This is because the new entrants possibly lack clear self-understanding, have inadequate information about the fields of specialization each training colleges offers in particular and about the TVET program in general. A descriptive survey method of study was employed to identify the major problems that came across to the placement of trainees in three selected government TVET colleges of Addis Ababa. These sample TVET Colleges were selected on the basis of purposive sampling techniques depending on the nature and size of the respondents. The subjects of the study were 97 Instructors, 474 Trainees, 9 Deans, 6 Counselors of TVET colleges and 6 TVET Experts of Addis Ababa City Education Bureau. Information was also obtained using questionnaires which contained both closed and open-ended questions The result of the study depicted that placement of trainees was not largely based on the interests of trainees and were not given initial orientations that help them join their respective fields and adjust themselves to their school environment. Trainees were not assisted to solve their vocational problems through counseling services and guidance officers did not provide the necessary information on job opportunities and other personal development. The placement criteria that were formulated by the concerned body were not clear and open to all categories of trainees. Based on the finding, conclusions and recommendations for the improvements of the setback are forwarded.



Different Fields of Study in the Selected Government Technical