Economic Design of Steel Concrete Composite Bridges

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Addis Ababa University


n the current world, one of the most common bridge construction technologies is steel concrete composite bridge. The primary advantages of this technology are: their economical nature and related to construction time. Due to these, lots of researchers have been contributing different approach. Thus, we are interested to dive into this research. This thesis provides practical information regarding steel concrete composite bridge design and construction methods practiced currently. Presenting different steel concrete composite bridge types and materials used, their economic design consideration and international versus Ethiopia practice of composite technology are also considered. Moreover, it is presented basic design concept, section properties, connection consideration and also new steel-concrete shear connections for composite bridges as well. Finally, illustration with steel concrete composite bridge design example is made. The choice of a particular composite bridge type depends on several factors, which may include the specific application, initial cost, life cycle cost and durability, weight or owner requirements. Finally, we recommend this economical technology in order to expand and answer the demand of bridge in Ethiopia. In addition, it is summarized by listing some future works.



Structural Engineering