Gender Difference in Academic Achievement at Private Higher Education Institutions: The case of selected PHE Institutions in Addis

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Addis Ababa Univerisity


The focus of the study was to investigate the gender difference in academic achievement by comparing female students with male students in Private Higher Education institutions in Addis Ababa. To deal with the problem, four basic research questions were formulated. The research questions focused on factors that contribute to the difference on academic achievement among male and female students in private higher education institution. To conduct the study mixed method was employed in order to get both quantitative and qualitative data. Questionnaire, interview and focus group discussion were used to obtain data. The findings showed that male students achieve better than female students in Private Higher Education Institutions. School and environmental problems were identified as a factor that affect the academic achievement of the females students from their counterpart. According to the findings, possible measures that can improve the academic achievement of females’ students were recommended. Among this, hiring qualified female instructors, counseling, opening gender office, facilitating tutorial program to empower female students were the major ones.