Evaluation of The Teaching Skill of Pedagogical Instructors Teacher Course Some Selected in Training Institutes of Ethiopia

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The purpose of this study waS two fold. First, it attempted to appraise the classroom teaching skill of the instructors of professional courses (Pedagogics and Psychology) in Harar and Debrebirhan Teacher Training Institutes. Secondly, it examined the implications of factors; such as skill training experience (both at preservice and inservice levels) to the instructors- present classroom performance. Moreover, it investigated as to whether or not contextual factors - classroom condition, size of trainees, teaching load and years of teaching experience have bearing upon the instructional performance of the teachers. Two complementary forma ts (Preliminary assessement and Final evaluation) were employed to appraise the instructional performance of each instructor in two different sessions. ~ollowing the appraisal, questionnaire and document analYses were used to obtain information pertaining to the factors expected to have bearing upon the evaluative results. The findings related to the appraisal showed that greater number of the instructors (51.25%) were ranked less adequate in view of the majority of the criterion variables in the final-evaluation format. 24.25% of them were judged average, while the remaining 24.50% were found more adequate. In connection with thiS, the skill training programmes ~hich the instructors have experienced both at p~eservice and iriservice levels were found inadeQuate and identified as major factors which have worked along with the instructors' teaching skill • • In contrast, the contextv2l factors were found to have little impact upon the instructors performance, and were taken to have little effect upon the evaluative results.Finally, the practical implications of the findings to the practices of teacher education programmes both at college and T.T.I levels were discussed.