Construction Stage Analysis Effect of Reinforced Concrete Buildings

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The design of buildings is highly dependent on soft-wares so as to best represent the structure, reduce errors, efforts and time consumption. SAP, the most known soft-ware, enables the analysis and design of structures. Although the software has two features, one enabling the analysis of structures once the members are fully represented (modeled) and they are completely loaded; and the other enabling the analysis of structures segment by segment as per the interest of the designer following the real construction sequence; designers do not have more practice, clear well studied guidance for the selection of either methods. The non-linearity considered here is that caused by the stages only. The material and geometric non-linearity are not considered. The creep and shrinkage effects are also excluded to simplify the task. This work is compiled of five chapters being the first one dealing on the introduction of the paper work. Literature review is dealt on the second chapter. The third chapter deals on the methodology followed for this work. The analysis results of both methods for the five buildings of rises of G+5, G+10, G+15, G+20 and G+25 are presented and discussed in the fourth chapter. The fifth chapter gives conclusion and recommendation.



Complete Analysis Method (CA), Construction Stage Analysis Method (CSA), Non-linear Analysis