Mobile Operating System Feature Comparision and Desinging Benchmark to Evalute their Performance

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Addis Ababa University


Mobile devices being available everywhere and support many functionalities they attract business areas and customers. With this interest different new technologies are implemented to satisfy user needs. Different operating system developers are in a strong competition to hold major market share by providing best features. As the technology moves forward quality should be tested. Hence standard benchmark to measure basic feature performance of operating systems is needed. The results found from the benchmark measurement are used to identify weak and strong points of the operating system. This thesis work focuses on designing benchmark that measures performance of mobile operating systems. The most common mobile operating systems are Symbian, Android, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry. My first task is studying some features of each operating system. The basic features selected to study the internal behaviour of operating systems were power management, memory management and multitasking. The next task is studying how to design the benchmark. In this work there are two major points: determining metrics to be measured and studying the programming environment that was used to develop the benchmark. The benchmark measured performance of the operating systems using metrics. The metrics are time of completion of the work, battery percent used to complete the work, and memory used during the work. The benchmark was tested on emulator and on actual mobile devices for each operating system. Using the results of the metrics measured a conclusion is drawn and the reason for the weak point of the performance of the operating system is identified. Based on the benchmark result Android, Symbian, Blackberry and Window Mobile operating systems are listed in order of their performance. Mainly the thesis work is used to identify the strong and weak points of each mobile operating system. So this work can be a basis foundation for choosing best suited operating system for an area of interest and also used for further feature improvement design of operating systems. Keywords: Benchmark Application, Metrics, Features Performance, Operating systems.



Benchmark Application, Metrics, Features Performance, Operating Systems