Implementation and Challenges of Inclusive Education in Harari Regional State in Selected Schools

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Addis Ababa University


The main purpose of this study was to investigate the Implementation and challenges of inclusive education in Harari regional state in selected school. The research design used was Descriptive survey; and to attain the objectives of the study, 31 special need teachers and 10 school directors were selected through purposive sampling and 16 regular teachers were selected trough stratified sampling and filled the questionnaires. In addition, 5 wereda and 1 regional experts were selected by purposive sampling and interviewed, and document review and observation had been used. As a result, the data obtained from different sources were analyzed using both quantitative and qualitative methods; and accordingly the study showed, the availability of some qualified teachers and some trained teachers, majority of required facilities in the resource centers and administrative support and on job training helps to implement IE is moderate. With regard of issues related to the implementation of IE method, by special need teachers need attention for better implementation of inclusive education. Regarding the awareness of IE the result obtained disclosed that in most schools is high. The extent of achievement of students in all subject, participation students with disabilities and the regular teachers’ motivation are low. The interest and commitment of teachers to treat learners with disabilities is moderate.The attitude of schools’ societies towards student with disabilities is moderate which is good. However, the shortage of time to support learners with disabilities and lack of parents and communities’ awareness about their children’s education is let the IE activities to run moderately. The strategies which suggested by all respondents, creating conducive learning environment and incentives for teachers who handle students with disabilities, utilization of specialized equipment, allocating sufficient budget and cooperation of stake holders needs great work to improve the implementation of IE. Special need and regular teachers need special attention to improve the implementation of IE program.



Implementation and challenges of Inclusive Education