The Challenges of Local Council in Promoting Good Governance: The Case of Dalocha Wereda, Silte Zone, Snnpr

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This study aimed to assess the challenges that Dalocha wereda council faced in promoting good governance in the wereda. Transparency and accountability which are the core dimensions of good governance had selected for the assessment since most complaint record in the wereda administrative concerned with the issue related to accountability and transparency. To achieve the study objectives, the researcher adopted descriptive research design along with cross sectional survey and relied on both primary and secondary data source. Primary data were collected from samples of selected Kebele dwellers (345) and council members (30) through questionnaire, interview and group discussion. Interviews were heled with 4 individuals viz. the chairperson and the leaders of the three standing committees. Secondary data were collected from pertinent sources like minutes and reports compiled by the council and others. Semi-structured interview was used for the councils’ chair persons and leaders of the standing committees. Group discussions having participant from the council and the kebele dwellers were held. Data were analyzed using percentage and frequencies, tabulation and the like. From the data analysis it was found that the issues of the transparency of the council in general and councilors in particular are very low as the council did not inform the public about the decision passed and the activity being carried out and the councilors’ relation with their constituency is weak; executive domination is soaring; and council is not responsive to the needs of the community; effort that the council attempted to promote its accountability is feeble; and most importantly the autonomy of the council is undermined and the council independently do not decide over most important issues of the woreda



good governance, local council, kebele dwellers, councilors, transparency and accountability