Attitude of People towards Marriage by Abduction and Victims' Psychosocial Experiences: The Case of Gofa Zuria Woreda in Gamo Gofa Zone (Snnpr

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Addis Ababa University


Gofa Zuria woreda in Gomo Gofa zone (SNNPR) was selected purposefully for this study. From the woreda four 'kebels' Yala, Saziga, Sheafte and Kencho were selected as sample sites. Data regarding the issue was collected from 360 people randomly drawn from the population of the selected area. Moreover in each kebele a focus group discussion organized consisting of 12 members selected through purposeful sampling technique. Five victims selected using convenient sampling technique were involved to share their experience. The results were indicated using percentage; t-test and experiences were presented as narrated by the victims. The findings depicted that significant number of people are in favor of abduction when there is lack of consent on date of wedding and refusal by the girl and/or her parents of the formal request by the boy. Moreover, results showed that considerable numbers of people are blaming girls for their victimization of abduction, and they are highly attached with traditional beliefs and myths encouraging abduction. The t-test value revealed that there is no significant attitude difference towards abduction between people belonging to age group 16-29 years and above 29 years. On the o ther hand significant attitude difference has been observed between female and male subjects of the study. Experiences of victims showed that the trauma associated with abduction is so severe. It is concluded that to stop abduction and enable girls to move freely with out any hesitation, large scale awareness programs on the physical, social and psychological effects of abduction on the victims should be advocated by governmental, non governmental and civic society to the community, especially to the elders and religious leaders. Furthermore to uproot the age-old attitude of people attached to abduction, its harmfulness should be addressed in elementary and secondary school curriculum.



examine the attitude of people towards abduction