The Contribution of Diaspora Community and Skilled Youth External Migration from Ethiopian Urban Center: The Case of Bole Sub City from Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


Migration is one of the important research agendas in regional development as it encompasses both place and people dimension and its dynamic nature triggers research questions. Considering the above note, the aim of this study is to identify the contribution of diaspora community on external migration from Ethiopian urban centers: The case of out migration from Addis Ababa City. Research emphasizing on aspects of migration in Addis Ababa city has focused on economic, political and unemployment issues; particularly the problem of job for skilled and youth are recursively pointed out as the major reasons behind out migration. The study used cross-sectional research method with the objective of revealing the causes of out-migration decision by respondents. The study interviewed the cases of sixteen individuals besides using secondary data from books, journals, websites and reports. The findings of the study indicate that intersection of multiple stressors: poverty, political instability, and unemployment, pressure of friends and family, feelings of inferiority and desire of independence made youth vulnerable for external migration. The finding unearths the role of diaspora community for the development of Ethiopia. Diasporas wants to contribute for the development of Ethiopia but due to the lack of government reliability and political unrest in the country Diasporas don’t even know who to trust when it comes to changing the country from developing to developed countries. At the end, the study recommends that government should focus and intervein in the design of the policy for the young skilled educated to prevent them from migration and for the diaspora community to invest freely in the country for development.



external migration: diaspora: skilled youth: development: policy