Comparative Study on the Application of Constructivist Teaching Strategies in Government and Private Second Cycle Primary Schools in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


The objective of the study was to assess and compare the application of constructivist teaching strategies in private and government second cycle primary schools in Addis Ababa. Comparative research d esign was employed in the study. The subjects of the study were 126 private and 121 government second cycle primary school teachers . Data were collected from the subjects through observation, questionnaire and interviews . The quantitative data were categorized, tallied and their frequencies were determined. The analysis was made using descriptive statistics such as percentage and means. The qualitative data were organized, summarized, interpreted and described in narrative manner. The findings of the study revealed that both private and government primary school teachers have higher perception of constructivist teaching strategies. It was also found out that there is no noted significant difference between them. However, regarding the implementation of constructivist teaching strategies, the findings of the study revealed that the strategies are poorly implemented in both private and government schools. Teachers rely heavily on direct trans mission of knowledge through lecture and note giving activities. They seem to favor traditional way of teaching. The hindering factors were attributed to lack of interest in teaching on the part of teachers, lack of interest of learning on the part to stud ents, lack of teaching materials, unsuitable class room setting & school environments, rigid time table were the common ones. Higher teaching load of private teachers and lack of parental and community support in government schools were identified as serious problems and finally, based on the findings recommendations were forwarded.



Application of Constructivist Teaching Strategies