The Oxidation Kinetics and Interface Stability of Silicon (Si) and Cobal Tdisilicide (Cos2) in dry Thermal Oxidation

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Addis Ababa University


Oxidation kinetics and interface stability of Si, surface and buried CoS~ have been studied in temperature range of 1000-1150 ·C in dry oxygen ambient. Measurement of the thickness of Si02 formed by the oxidation of Si, surface and buried CoS~ show a linear-parabolic behavior in time. The Characterization was performed by Rutherford backscattering spectromelly (RBS) and Ionchanneling of 1.4 MeV He+ ion, Van der Pauw resistivity measurement, ellipsomelIy and cross-sectional transmission electron microscopy eX -TElv!) for micro-structural analysis. The comparison of oxidation rates of Si with surface and buried CoS~ is performed and it was found that the rate is higher for surface CoS~ for temperatures 1000 ·C, 1050·C and HOO ·C and the rate for Si is higher for 1150·C but the rate of Si and buried CoSi2 are found to be the same for 1150·C



The Oxidation Kinetics and Interface