The Chemical Composition and Antimicrobial Activlty of Impatiens Tinctffii a Rich

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Addis Ababa Universty


The plant Impatiens tinctoria A-Rich grows widely in Ethiopia. its tubers are traditionall;y used to dye the palms of nails of women and to treat infections of the hands and feet. The methanol extract of I. tinctoria gave dark red solution which was chromatographically separated to give trace cnnount of a comp01md which readily dissolves in benzene ethanol and carbon tetrC\chloride but vms insoluble in Ivater. Thts compound was characterized by comparing with stalndard naphthoquinones and the TLC, UV, MS, LC corresponds with 2-methoxy-l, 4•-naphthoquinono. is presence of anthocyaniclin and tri terpene ~'IRS also observed. .,(evie", of the liberature r8v0a1s that 2- lilethoxy-•l, 4,-naphthoquinone is present in flowers of I.Balsamina .• Hence, this study adds one more species of the genus Impatiens to plants that are knolm to contan 2-methoxy-1, 4--naphthoquinone and anthocyanidin. The methanol extract of I. tinctoria was found to have an antifungal and antibiotic activity • this extract inhibited the growth of staph qureus E.coli and candida albjcans at concentration levels of 1:448,1:280 respectively



Tinctoria A. Rich