Assessing Teachers’ Written Feedback Provision Techniques : the Case of two Addis Ababa Preparatory Schools Grade 11 in Focus

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Addis Ababa University


The aim of this study was to assess teachers’ written feedback implementation techniques. In line with this the study also aims at finding out if students use the feedback provided by the teachers. To achieve the objectives proposed, relevant data were collected through corrected written documents, teachers’ interviews, and students’ questionnaire. The result obtained from the corrected written document revealed that two of the four teachers used underlining and or circling the errors and didn’t indicate the types of the errors while the other two teachers crossed on all the errors or stretch- out with an arrow and write the correct version. Some of the corrections were not clear, as students reported in the questionnaire. And about students’ experience of practicing their writing in line with the feedback they are provided with is very low for some reasons. For instance, their teachers hand writing and the feedback she/he provided was not clear and also their own carelessness were some of the reasons. The analysis of the data showed that the written feedback provided by the teachers lacked clarity, teachers didn’t use clue, and they didn’t involve students in the process of correction, most of the students didn’t revise their writing and correct their writings. It is therefore, recommended that teachers should involve students in the process of correcting errors, and they also need to encourage students and check their works after giving the feedback. They must use clues or any clear ways in providing written feedback and create a common understanding on the codes they uses. Students ought to pay attention for the correction that they receive from their teachers and try to correct their errors in the light of the feedback they are provided with. Moreover, teachers need to up-date their knowledge of feedback provision techniques. They are needed to be provided short- terms capacity building training.



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