The role of usaid/basic education Programin improving qualitu of Primary eduation In Oromiya Region

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Addis Ababa Universty


The main purpose of this study was to survey the contribution of USAIO/BEP- the In-service Teacher Education Gomponent to the improvement of quality primary education in Oromiya region. The study was both quantitative and qualitative one employing descriptive research and survey method. The samples of the study were 10 cluster resource centers, which were selected from 95 GRGs using purposive sampling. The purposive sampling was used to incorporate the best, medium and the lagged behind GRGs in the study. The data sources were 130 teachers, 20 directors, 18 education officers, 20 education board/PTA members and 30 students drawn from the 10 sample cluster resource centers, 10 woredas, 5 zones and 1 REB. In order to collect data from respondents, questionnaire was employed for teachers; interview was used for directors, education officers, education board/PTA members and students. In addition to these instruments, observations were used to collect data from cluster resource centers. Percentage was used to analyze data from teachers; the information obtained from directors, education officers, education board/PTA members and students were explained using narration in combination with percentage where the need arises. The study identified the following major findings.• 1) clustering of the nearby schools had helped much for the professional development of teachers and directors, 2) trainings and materials offered by USAIO/BEP helped to improve the teaching learning process, 3) teachers and directors acknowledged the technical assistance given by woreda supervisors to improve the teaching learning process, 4) some improvements had been observed in academic achievement of students after the intervention of USAIO/ Basic Education Program in sample schools, 5) Although it was realized that the majority teachers had conducted action researches to solve problems that faced them in the teaching learning process, many of their findings had not been put into practice. Finally, to strengthen the support of USAIO/Basic Education Program in the future, the following recommendation were forwarded: 1) GRG level trainings have to be strengthened, 2) continuous trainings should be provided for education board/PTA members, 3) strategies should be developed to minimize dropout rate, 4) experience-sharing visits across GRGs/satellite schools have to be established and strengthened, 5) in the future, attention must be given to the implementation of action research results and 6)in order to have better works, there should be some awards for those teachers , directors , students and supervisors who perform their duties efficiently.