A Web Based Fire Accident Recording and Reporting System

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Addis Ababa University


The availability of fire accident data is crucial to effectively prevent and control fire accident and to produce fire safety management system. Reliable and relevant data can help identify the cause of the accident, to take precaution actions and to understand the degree of accident. This project work has designed and implemented a web based Fire Accident Recording and Reporting System (FARRS) with GIS enabled feature for Addis Ababa which will enable fire brigade fighters and other stakeholders to get reliable and summarized information about fire accident. System requirements have been rigorously collected from Addis Ababa Fire Accident and Emergency Prevention and Control Agency information team analysis department and literature review and related works which are used in other countries are also considered. The system has different subsystems to satisfy its main functionalities. The registration subsystem allows the fire fighter to record complete information about an accident. The report subsystem generates periodic reports which greatly reduce time and effort to prepare stakeholders specific reports. The system also allows interested users to view fire brigade stations on the map and other related information about them. The prototype has been tested with the actual data from the agency and it is found to be promising. Keywords: Fire



Fire Accident; Fire Accident Recording; Fire Accident Reporting