Analysis the Effect of Unequal Force Application on A.A LRT Disc Brake During Emergency Brake

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Addis Ababa University


A train disc brake system is used to perform three basic functions, i.e. to reduce speed of a vehicle, to maintain its speed when travelling downhill and to completely stop the vehicle. During these braking events, the disc brake may suffer of temperature, deformation and stress issues. It is quite sometimes that the disc brake components fail structurally and/or having severe deformation on the pad. Thus, this paper aims to examine stress concentration, structural deformation and contact pressure of brake disc and pads during braking event by employing commercial finite element software, ANSYS and CATIA for modeling purpose with considering the effect of unequal pressure application on the two opposite side of the disc which are developed due to brake line corrosion, caliper sticking, failure of piston seal, variation of rotor thickness and also failure of caliper bolts. The main results of this analysis is consider factors which are relate about disc brake structure and contact behavior such as deformation, Von Misses stress and temperature which rise when breaking action with considering the unequal heat flux which generate on opposite side of disc when unequal pressure applied on two opposite side of the disc and define from the analysis result there is a high deformation, stress and temperature difference between equal pressure and unequal pressure applied on two opposite side. I.e. when unequal pressure applied on two opposite side, there are greater temperature, heat flux, deformation and stress as compare with equal pressure applied on two opposite disc side



Finite element (FEM), pressure, heat flux, AALRT, disc brake, unequal pressure