Simulation of Electro-pneumatic Braking System Response in Long Trains

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Addis Ababa University


Electro-pneumatic braking system (epbs) components can be frequently used in any commercial automobile vehicles regardless of their size of outputs. Their difference is in the amount of longitudinal force developed inside these components according to the size of the automobile. The simulation of electro-pneumatic brake systems has of great importance in order to understand the fluid dynamics inside these brake components. The electro pneumatic braking system is applicable in any automobiles. But this particular system is applicable in a train vehicle (coach). This paper presents a computational model based simulation of electro-pneumatic braking system used for prediction of fluid dynamic behavior inside the systems and to compare the simulated results with the pneumatic one. The system is modeled and simulated in modeling and simulation environment called MATLAB SIMULINK. Considering the complexity of the electro pneumatic braking system components and the related phenomena of fluid motion inside these components, special models have been elaborated using flow chart algorithm. The simulation result shows good agreement with measurement data found from different literature reviews but have a big difference in time response with the pneumatic braking system. The comparative measurement data (experimental data) found from different literature reviews and simulation result found from this simulation study confirms that the system is modeled correctly and this simulating tool can be effectively used in design, research and development of electro pneumatic braking systems.



Electro-Pneumatic Braking System, Long Trains, Simulation