The Effectiveness of Teaching English as Foreign Language Through Grammar Consciousness-Raising Activities to Ninth Grade Students

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to find out the effectiveness of the Grammar Consciousness-Raising activities, in comparison with that of English For New Ethiopia: Pupil; ·-.Book - 9, to the teaching of English tenses to ninth grade students. The $tUdy involved sample population of 52 students, out of which only 40 students attended the experimental classes regularly and took the Achievement-·test. There were two study GrouW<UJd two Control Groups. The Control Groups were taught through English For New Ethiopia Pupils' Book - 9, and the Study Groups were taught through the Grammar-Consciousness-Raising activities. There were two participating teachers who were assigned to teach one, COntrol and one Study group each. Achievement-test was prepared and given before and after the experiment both to the Study and Control Groups to see the progress they made due to the experimental teaching. Statistical test showed that the average score of the Overall Study Groups was significantly greater than that of the Overall Control Groups. Therefore, the Null Hypothesis that there would not be any significant difference between the effectiveness of the methods of teaching used in the Study and Control Groups had to be rejected. The conclusion drAwn is that the Grammar Consciousness-Raising activities should be incorporated in the teaching of English in Ethiopian schools.



Grammar Consciousness-Raising