Evaluation of Antimalarial Activity of Seeds of Dodonaea Angustifolia and Leaves of Entada Abyssinica Against Plasmodium Berghei in Swiss Albino Mice.

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Addis Ababa University


In the face of antimalarial drug resistance, there is need to develop more effective antimalarial drugs that are inexpensive. In this respect, traditional medicinal plant-based antimalarial products are more preferable candidates. In this study, the seeds of Dodonaea angustifolia and the leaves of Entada abyssinica, used in indigenous medicine to treat malaria in Ethiopia, were evaluated for an in vivo antimalarial activity against chloroquine sensitive Plasmodium berghei ANKA strain. Acute and sub acute toxicity studies of the extracts were carried out in Swiss albino mice prior to antimalarial activity test. Behavioral changes, mortality, weight loss, reduction in PCV, WBC and RBC count, in the mice were used as indicators of toxicity. All extracts revealed no obvious acute and subacute toxicities on mice up to the highest (1000/750mg/kg) dose given. To assess the antimalarial activity, male Swiss albino mice were infected by intraperitoneal inoculation of 106 parasitized erythrocytes. The plant extracts were solubilized in Tween 80(3%) and experimental groups received once daily after 3 hours of infection for four days via gabage. CQ- phosphate was given for positive control and vehicle for negative control. Each extract was none toxic and showed significant level of parasite suppression compared to the negative control. The highest parasite suppressions (86.21%) at 600mg/kg and marginal efficacy were obtained form the methanol extracts of D. angustifolia at 100mg/kg. The results of this study provide support for the traditional therapeutic value and the reported antimalarial activity. Therefore, further investigation to determine the active ingredients of these plants as potential source of new antimalarial drugs should be carried out. Key words: antimalarial activity, Dodonaea anqustifolia, Entada abyssinica, in vivo, Plasmodium berghei.



antimalarial activity, Dodonaea anqustifolia, Entada abyssinica, in vivo, Plasmodium berghei.