Educational Support Service Provided For Students With Visual Impairment In Siltie Zone at Daloca Primary School

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The purpose of this study is to examine the practice of educational support service for students with visual impairment in Siltie Zone at Dalocha primary school. A qualitative research design was employed an interview and observation checklist to gather data. With this Principals, teachers, the itinerant teacherand students with visual impairment participated in the study.Totally 19 participantsparticipated by Purposive and availability sampling techniques. Then, the data were analyzed thematically which werepreset in relation with research questions. According to the finding of the research, there was inadequacy and shortage of educational support service for students with visual impairment.Required resources and equipmentare absent or not functional and available resource and equipment are inadequate.There are no required library resources and equipment. Students with visual impairment are not very well supported in terms of mobility orientation. The school is not currently equipped with varied and relevant tactile teaching aid. The assessment and evaluation techniques are not modified according to visual impairment. Teachers do not use appropriate teaching methods and there are lots of uncomfortable features in the compound for students with visual impairment. Finally, recommendation was made based on the finding of the study to fulfill required resources, to provide training for teachers and make the school environment suitable for students with visual impairment.