Challenges and Opportunities of the Blind in Access for Labeled Prescriptions and Pharmaceutical Related Information in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa


The aim of this study was identifying the challenges and opportunities of access of labeled prescription and pharmaceutical related information for the blind in Addis Ababa. With the assumption of meeting the purpose, quantitative and qualitative methods were applied. The researcher selected three groups of respondents. They were: thirty blind people, ninety two pharmacists and two key government offices (i.e. Ministry of health and Ethiopian food and drugs control authority). A questionnaire that include demographic characteristics of the respondents, barriers and opportunities the blind have to access for labeled prescriptions and pharmaceutical related information presented in an open-ended, FGD, interview and liker scales were designed. After the data has been collected, analysis was made. Data from the quantitative survey were analyzed using percentages, mean; standard deviations and t-test .While the qualitative using inductive thematic analysis. Thus, the t-test result shows pharmacies are not equipped with medicines with various formats (medicines with audio, tactile materials and Braille writings) that can make access of the blind to such information easier. The study also found that even though pharmacists prove their readiness to assist the blind, lack of equipments and consistent polices remains a challenge .The qualitative findings shows the blind are at risk in their day to day life as a result of missing those assistive aids. This missing information resulted to taking wrong medicines, inability to identify exact locations of medicines and difficulty in getting assistance. The research further established marginalization of blind women is far worse than their male counterparts due to gender-specific challenges. Finally, based on the major findings, the research comes up with recommendations that help overcome the existing problems



Pharmaceutical Related Information in Addis Ababa