The Study of the Electronic Thermal Conductivity of Superconducting Magnesium Dlboride (MgB2)

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Addis Ababa University


For magnes ium diboride (MgB2)' some of th e superconducting pmperlies that have been studied are summari zed. The energy di spersion relation is determined and it is used to determ ine the electmnic thermal conductivity of MgB2. From that energy functi on. the , , expression for the elec tronic heat capac ity of magnesium diboride in normal state has be~n determ·ined. ·Tile general ex pression of the electmnic thermal conducti vity for MgB ~ in normal state i ~ fo und. Then, by taking th e energy gap parameter in to account the electmnic then;lal conductivity has been computed for the superconducting state of our material ; that is belO\'-\ tbe transition temperatu re. Then, th e electroni c thermal conductivit) of magnesium diboride has been plotted as a function of tempe ratu re with in the superconducting state. Moreover, the electrical conducti vity of MgB2 is calcu lated and the Wiedemann-F ranz law is checked fo r normal sta te of a material. Finally. the general expression for electronic thermal conducti vity of MgB2 is determined in K - Space Key Words: Magnesium chloride. thermal conductivity. superconducting state



Magnesium chloride, thermal conductivity, superconducting state