Assessing the Marketing Activities of Micro and Small Enterprises in Dessie Town, Amhara Region: The Case of Manufactured Goods

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Addis Ababa University


The major objective of this study wa to probe the problems of Micro and Small Manufacturing Enterpri es in De sie town in relation to their marketing activities (more specifically of their product, price, promotion, and location cases). In order to gain relevant data from the respondents, both quantitative and qualitative methods were used in this study. To obtain primary data, self-administered questionnaires were distributed to respondents of Micro and mall Manufacturing Enterprise operators/managers upon whom stratified sampling technique ' was used in sample selection. On top of this, semi-structured interview was also used to obtain primary data from the heads of Micro and Small Enterprise Expanding Office and Municipality Office of Dessie town respectively. The SPSS version 15 was used to process the primary data. The findings of this study showed that products of respondents of Micro and Small Manufacturing Enterprises were not differentiated from competitors' offers. Similarly, the great majority of the respondents pointed out that they had no sufficient market for their products at current production level. Many respondents had the following opinion related to price: they did not take salaries/wages of family members working in their enterprise while pricing products; they did not get cheaper suppliers of inputs; and they preferred cost of production to what customers able to pay in their emphasis. For all respondents, word of mouth communication was the basic tool played significant role for the sale of products. However, other tools of promotion such as trade fairs, in store promotion, advertising board, radio broad casting, local newspapers, catalogue, magazine, and packages were not used by the majority of respondents . Next, they did not even set plan and allocate budget at the beginning of a year to promote their product. Lastly, selling/manufacturing locations were not convenient in terms of infrastructures, people traffic, people's living standard, and security cases. To overcome these, the Micro and Small Enterprise Expanding Office and other concerned parties should provide periodical training and other supports to enterprise managers of Micro and Small manufacturing businesses. Micro and small manufacturing enterprise operators should also strengthen their efforts in the areas where they showed betterments and strive to minimize their weakne resulted from themselves .



Marketing Activities of Micro