An Investigation in to The English Language Course Needs of Electricity Students of Dilla Tvet College

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to assess the target as well as learning needs of the electricity students at Dilla TVET college with a view of setting a criteria for designing an appropriate English course for these students. For this study a questionnaire was designed and distributed to English language teachers, academic subject teachers, technical subject teachers and the electricity students. Interviews were conducted with the English teachers and electricity students to backup the questionnaires. The textbooks have also been analyzed. The findings showed that the most frequently needed language activities within each macro skill are: a) Writing laboratory reports and essays, taking notes, making notes from books, and summarizing texts b) Reading handouts and reference materials, reading magazines and examination papers c) Listening to lectures and instructions d) Asking and answering question, giving oral reports, and participating in discussions. Based on these plausible recommendations have been



The English Language Course