The Effect of Career Development on Staff Motivation in Ethio Telecom at Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


Lack of career development after extensive experience & training in organizations is an area of great interest and concern. Lack of career development affects motivation and performance. However, how career development influences motivation is not well researched. The objective of this study is to assess the presence of career development practice, identify constraints to career development, and discover the effect of career development on staff motivation. The study adopted a descriptive and explanatory research design since the study intended to gather quantitative and qualitative data that describes the effect of career development on employee motivation in ethio telecom. The target population is the employees of ethio telecom working at Addis Ababa; this included both management and non-management. The study collected both primary and secondary data. Primary data has been gathered using semi-structured questionnaires where the respondents were issued with the questionnaires. The study carried out a pilot study to pretest and validates the questionnaire. Descriptive and explanatory analysis was used. Descriptive statistics was used to summarize the data. This included percentages and frequencies. Tables and other graphical presentations were appropriately used to present the data that were collected for ease of understanding and analysis. The study revealed that among other things, low chances of promotion & a marked lack of opportunities regarding career paths was revealed. The study revealed that there is lack of recognition for skills and accomplishments, staff at levels do not benefit from career advancement. It was revealed, through the study, that the inflexible organizational structure, poor policies on promotion, and favoritism were responsible for lack of career advancement after the reform. The study identified setting clear and transparent policies on promotion and free and fair competition for promotion as a few of the strategies that could minimize constraints to career advancement. The study has recommended among other things, ethio telecom should avoid stagnation at some levels; and facilitate steady career progression by widening promotion opportunities and creating new openings for competent staff. Options include restructuring the organization, job enlargement or developing alternative career paths and making retirement much more attractive. Key words: Career Development, Motivation.



Career Development, Motivation