Factors Influencing The Implementation of Problem Solving Approach In The Second Cycle Primary Schools of Tigray

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Addis Ababauniversity


The objc ti\ e of the pre ent tudy is t examine the factors inOucnc: ng the implemcntation of the pr blem oh'ing approach in the upper or cond cycle primary chools of southern Tigray administrati\'e zon. 1I1e ho Is found in four weredas wcrc selected a sampl study ar a u' ing the quota and simplc random ampling. A total 306 r pondent ha\'e participat d as the ource of data. 112 Teach r including principals. 5 v.. areda educational supervisors and 9 Curriculum development experts were also tak n u ing the available sampling techniques. 180 tudents were selected randomly. 5 students from each grade level. A questionnaire was thus administered to in estigate views held by teachers. sup [vi ors, experts and students on the issue. The questionnaire dealing about school facilities. teachers level of training. attitude to the profession, the organization of curriculum materials. and the and supervisory support given to schools was administered to teachers supervisors and students. Experts of textbook development were made to respond about the organization of curriculum materials by expressing their level of agreement on the issues. Analysis of the results indicates that there is lack of resources and facilities in schools to be a ailable. Low level of teacher's qualification and awareness to shoulder the responsibilities of teaching, weak curriculum material development as well as in sufficient supervisory assistance to the schools were found factors to influence the implementation of problem oh'ing approach. A recommendation is made to fulfill facilities, strictly following classroom standard popUlation. up grading the professional qualification of people engaged in the teaching process, making frequent sup rvi ory assistance to schools and organizing short term workshops. seminars as well as to encourage an int r staff training were also recommended. In preparing the textbooks efforts to exploit the necessary resources and inputs of related professional \\a uggested as a solution to minimize the defects of the curriculum materials



Problem Solving Approach