Design of a Drug Information Management System

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Addis Ababa University


Background - Drug information management system (DIMS) is a system that provides drugs information for the doctors, pharmacists and non-health people. The drug information includes drug categories, trade name, generic name, manufactured company, drug contents, indications, dosage, contradiction, special precaution, and drug adverse reaction and drug interactions. in addition to drug information the users will be able to set reminders on drug intake schedules, get information on events related to medications and get news related to the medication industry. Objective – This project attempts to develop a drug information management system on website platform and smartphone application. Methods– To develop the drug information management system, we have used object oriented system analysis and design methodology. UML Tools used for analysis, design phases and for the development of the system programming tool like CSS and PHP were embedded with HTML and MYSQL database language. Integration of development modules and testing was implemented to bring the functionality of the system. Results - System analysis was done by using functional, object and dynamic models. The functional model is described by use case diagrams, object model is described by class diagram, and the dynamic model is described by sequence diagrams. Both performance and usability tests were conducted to measure the performance of the system. These tests helps to describe to what extent the system is usable. The result of system usability testing shows 92% willingness to use the system as a tool to get drug related information. Conclusion: Generally, the prototype system serves as a drug information reference system. The initial feedback from health professionals and non-health people has been extremely positive. Hence the prototype system has achieved a good performance and meets the objectives of the project. However, in order to make the system applicable in the domain area, there is a need to include some adjustments like including more languages and price of the drugs in the current Ethiopian market.



Drug information management system