Major Challenges and Opportunities of Adult and Lifelong Learning of the Amhara Regional State as it is Offered at Debremarkos College of Teachers' Education

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to examine the challenges and opportunities that influence the full functioning of adult and non-formal education of the Amhara Regional state as it is implemented at Debr·emarkos Teachers' College. Descriptive survey method was used to conduct the study. To this effect, a sample consisted of 17 in-ser·vice summer trainees, 8 instructors and 2 deans (the dean and academic dean of the college) were selected by using availability and purposive sampling techniques respectively. To collect data pertinent to the study; questionnaires and interviews were chosen. Moreover, observations with respect to the availability of human, material, and time resources as well as the SUfficiency of reference books were made. The data obtained through the instruments were analyzed and interpreted using percentages and frequency counts. The findings s howed that the books, reference materials, time, and budget were not sufficient for adult and non-formal education program in the college. These led to the conclusion that the adult and non-fonnal education program of the Amhara Regional State as it is offered in DMCTE, the program and its implementation is insufficient and less related to the day to day programs of the adult, did not consider the economic affairs of the adults and resources particularly, material resources were found to be scarce. On the basis of the conclusions drawn, recommendations were forwarded