Study on The Production Process of The Precast Reinforced Concrete Ribbed Beam Through the Micro and Small Enterprises in Addis Ababa: “A Case Study on Bole, Yeka And Akaki Kality Subcity”

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Addis Ababa University


Concrete prefabrication is an essential and cost effective concepts of today’s fast track construction in the world. Because it is manufactured in the factory within a standard manner and transport the customized components in to the project site where the structure is to be located for assemblage. But it requires standard input resources, manufacturing process, and outputs to attain the desired function. Therefore, with this respect a research was carried out to assess the existing situations of the precast ribbed beam manufacturing process by the micro and small enterprise associations in Addis Ababa at Bole, Yeka, and Akaki Kality sub-city in general and to give recommendation inline with the outcome of the results of the research. Therefore, in the research non-destructive rebound hammer test results of precast ribbed beam samples were collected and analyzed. According to the result, 100% of precast ribbed beam samples couldn’t satisfy the requirement set by the standard known as C-25Mpa. It has been found out that 85.2% of precast ribbed beam samples had average compressive strength of 15.9 ≤ X̅ ≤ 20.9Mpa and the remaining 14.8% of precast ribbed beam samples had average compressive strength of 35.9 ≤ X̅ ≤ 45Mpa. Further, from the observations made in the manufacturing shades in addition to the interviews made with relevant personnel’s, it was conclude in the research that the production process of the precast ribbed beam is not near the standard beside extensive production problems had been seen in the production process due to the manufacturers lack of knowledge, the consultants regular supervision and quality controlling role is very poor, the absence of well-prepared precast ribbed beam production documents available to the manufacturers, and all most all manufacturers outsourced the key activities of them into the un-trained person illegally to accomplish the task. Another conclusion drawn from the research was that any kind of concerned bodies such as micro and small enterprises, regulatory bodies, respected organizations, professionals, researchers, consultants, etc. should be committed and quite responsive.



Competency, Compressive strength, Customization, Micro and Small Enterprises, Precast ribbed beam, Prefabrication, Production process, Rebound hammer test, Standardization