GIS Based Evaluation of Urban Road Network Structure and their Accessibility to service areas in case study of Addis Ababa Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


On this research the study evaluate the road network structure, by employing GIS technology taking four selected sub cities in Addis Ababa Akaki Kality, Nefaselke Lafo,Kirkose and Arada sub-cities and accessibility of road network to service areas. The data collected by using hand GPS to collect point data which primary data and Secondary data was collected visiting relevant offices in Addis Ababa. The study area's development is negatively impacted by the poor level of road network service in some areas, which limits mobility, creates inequalities of accessibility, and people travel unnecessary distances to get there destination. Because of this reasons findings of this study revealed by determining the road density, proximity, accessibility of the road and pin point areas that has been totally loose there road connectivity are also described. Further, recommendations are made to improve the existing road network structure by using upgraded software like ARC GIS.