An Exploration of Teachers' Application of Phonological Awareness on Initial Reading at Preschool: Three Private Kindergarten Schools in Focus

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Addis Ababa University


The main objective of this study was to explore teachers' application of "Phonological Awareness" in three private kindergarten schools and to explore the extent to which kindergarten teachers are aware of "Phonological Awareness" in the level mentioned. To gather information on the above main objectives various instruments were used: classroom observation using video recorder, teachers' questionnaire, and interview. All the eight English language teachers in the three private preschools participated in the study. The data were transcribed, categorized, analyzed and discussed. The findings revealed that teachers are aware and apply "Phonological Awareness" to some extent in their classroom. Problems were observed in the classroom during observations which was teachers' luck of sufficient knowledge on the language structure. And also there was a discrepancy between the real classroom practice and the result from questionnaire and interview. These problems are mainly related to the teachers' educational background and their qualification. To apply it properly the teacher needs to have the knowledge of the language structure they teach. To overcome the observed problem of teachers' application, This research paper provide recommendations that could bring about a change in the practice of teaching and learning initial reading in kindergarten level.



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