Absurdism and Authenticity Philosophy of . Existence as Reflected in the Stranger and i Stand Alone

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Addis Ababa University


This thesis studies the embedment of Absurdism and Authenticity , philosophy in Albert Camus's The Outsider and Berhanou Dinke's I Stand Alone, respectively. It' argues that each of the protagonists of the literary works experie~ces and corresponds to the twentieth century philosophical thoughts espoused in the present study. The works are analyzed with philosophical foundations consisting of I Camus's Absurd world view and authentic thoughts advocated by Sartre, Heidegger and other philosophers that made this area of-philosophy their concern. Thus, through the analyses of the protagonists in the selected texts, the study discloses . how these characters make a choice for their existence. It is brought to light how the characteristics of the absurd man, living a life of indifference, living in the present moment and rebelling against the conventions of society, make Meursault a absurd. Whereas Berhanou whose alienation stems from his political discontentment such as unjust and oppressive rules of the system he serves and represents as a diplomat trigger the protest and consequently his authenthic experience as an exile is analyzed.



Authenticity Philosophy