Spectrophotometric Determination of Cholesterol with Dichromate

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Addis Ababa Universty


The oxidation of cholesterol by dichromate has been investigated for its application to quantitative determination of cholesterol in blood sera. The redox system was studied spectropho,tometrically by measuring the light apsorption of the reduction product, chromium(III), at 585 nm in benzene-acetic acid and pertoleum ether-acetic acid. The effects of experiemntal variables have been studied to establish the optimum conditions of the redox reaction. It has been found that consistent and reproducible results are obtained by carrying out the reaction at 800C for 1 hr. It has also been found that petroleum ether can be used as an alternative to benzene as a solvent to introduce cholesterol into the reaction system. The coloured system has been found to obey tion range O.Ol-2.0mg ml-l of Beer I S law in the con centracholesterol. Other photometric characteristics of the coloured system have also been evaluated. On the basis of these studies a simple and precise method has been developed for the determination of cholesterol. The method ·has been applied to the analysis of blood sera and the results obtained have been compared with clinical results. The proposed method has been found to give results which are in good agreement with those of routinely used clinical methods.



Cholesterol with Dichromate