An Exploration of the Adequacy of Teaching Listening Skill: Grade Eight in Focus

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Addis Ababa University


The main objective of this study was to assess the adequacy of teaching listening in grade eight English lessons. To obtain the information required, the listening sections of the textbook for Grade eight were evaluated based on the criteria suggested by scholars. To elicit additional information, a questionnaire was administered for all Grade eight English language teachers in Mekdela, Sibste Negasi and Mekanisa Akababi primary schools. Besides, six classroom observations were conducted to get some insight on how the teaching of listening is implemented at classroom level and an interview was conducted with three teachers and twelve students to cross check the data that were collected through questionnaire and classroom observations. The data obtained were analyzed through qualitative and quantitative means. A qualitative analysis was carried on the information obtained from the textbook analysis, the open-ended questionnaire for the teachers, classroom observations and the interview with teachers and students. A quantitative analysis was made on teachers' responses to the close-ended questionnaire items. The analysis showed that there arc no adequate listening texts and activities in Grade eight course books. In addition, teachers do not prepare their own listening texts and activities to help students become skillful listeners. The listening activitie.:; in the course book are suitable and require students to understand the main idea. Teachers encourage students to attempt the listening tasks without putting too much emphasis on the quality of their responses. Moreover, visual aids, and recorded materials are not used for teaching listening in classrooms. Accordingly, . recommendations were forwarded to design appropriate teaching material that aimed at a balanced language skills as well as to create awareness upon teachers concerning the vitality of the teaching of listening in primary schools in general and in Grade eight in particular.



Exploration of the Adequacy