The Role of Mass Media in Promoting Good Governance: The Case of Bihar Dar 96.9 Fm Radio Station.

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The overall objective of the study was to assess the role of media fostering good governance in cause of Bahir Dar 96.9 FM radio. Descriptive survey study with mixed research approach i.e. Qualitative and quantitative was employed for this study. Purposive sampling and Data gathering instruments such as questionnaires, interview, and document analysis where employed. The data obtained through questionnaires was analysis using statically tools such as percentage and numerical by table and charts. And the data obtained through interview, data analysis and from semi structured questions where analyzed qualitatively description and narrations were made. From the study the concept of good governance has gained significant attention in developing countries and Ethiopia was no exception. The actual practice the role of media has been questioned in every society. This is mainly due to fact that in a young democracy, media faces a number of challenges to ensure good governance. The result of study reveals that the role of Bahir Dar FM radio in promoting good governance was not effective. This was because of the station faces a number of challenges when it tries to foster this role. The studies have also Assessed the actual practice of media for promote of element of good governance. Accordingly the study reveals that Media used guiding principle the element of Good governance. The result was under questionable and identify the kind of relationship that media has with government and the public. Accordingly, it reveals that there is close and friendly relationship of media with public but the relation with the government was not positive. The challenge faces Bahir Dar FM radio for fostering good governance. I.e. lack of awareness, lack of active involvement public media concerning good governance issue, high government officials are deliberately shielded from embracing questions, influence of government on media content and programs, government regulation restrict the media to promote good governance.