Enhancing Maintenance Performance through TPM concept: (A Case on Berehanena selam printing Enterprise)

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Addis Ababa University


Today’s industries requires excellent maintenance practices to increase the availability of the machines, to reduce machine downtime and to produce goods with desired quality level. The concept of Total productive maintenance is an approach to improve maintenance performance activities with the aim in maximizes equipment effectiveness through all the participation from top management to shop floor workers. The main objective of the research is to propose TPM framework that improve the maintenance performance of the company. In order to do this the study carried out the significant impact of TPM critical success factors towards maintenance performance. Data relevant to the research was collected using designed questionnaires, informal interviews, direct observations and company records. In order to analyze the collected data from primary and secondary sources, the researcher has used different tools such as OEE, SPSS software and cause and effect diagram. The finding from the result obtained from the correlation and regression analysis reveals that the critical success factors such as organizational factors, human factors, technological factors and resource factors has a positive significant impact in affecting the maintenance performance of the company. With respect to the highest significant, human factors contributes greater in affecting the maintenance performance from all the CSF. The researchers then selected TPM pillars that can address the critical success factor which has a significant impact in affecting maintenance of the company and proposed TPM implementation framework including with the action plan for each pillars that are going to practice.



Total Productive Maintenance, Critical Success Factors, Critical Success Factors, Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Maintenance Performance, TPM pillars