Perception, Behavior and challenges of Teachers Doing Action Research in ,One CRC School in East Wollega Zone, Oromia Region.

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to explore the perception and behavior of teachers of Bilo CRC School, which is located at Boneya Boshe Woreda in East Wollega Zone of oromia region. Also it aimed at investigating the impeding factors and challenges they faced while doing action research. To achieve the purpose of the research ethnographic design of qualitative approach was employed Data were collected by participant observation, interview, FGD and documentary analysis by using video, tape recorder, interview guide and check list. Data collected were categorized in to themes, based on research questions, and sub questions and analyzed. Findings of the research verified that in the courses of their research the perception of the participants about what, why, and how to do action research changed positively from fog to clarity, from doubt to confidences, from anxiety to stability and from distrust to trust. The collaboration approach of action research helped them develop the skill of doing action research by sharing ideas, knowledge and experience some of the impeding factors and challenges of doing action research were lack of understanding, lack of skill and time, lack of confidence, negligence by some members and drop out of some members. The findings imply that motivating teachers to be involved in collaborative action research and providing continual professional supports can empower and emancipate them to be pragmatic professionals.



challenges of Teachers Doing Action Research