Identifying and Optimizing Suitable Source of Ballast Material (Case Study on Sebeta-Meiso-Dewalle Railway Project)

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Addis Ababa University


Previously great attention has been given for the quality of track superstructure to improve the general technology of the railway scheme. But frequent research on track supporting materials show a good result which improves the general overall performance; safe ride with smooth wheel-rail steering ,high speed, minimum initial cost and accepted tolerance with respect to voice, and vibration .Generally positive whole life cycle analysis are the basic concern on the railway technology. And such a good quality in strength and life cycle of railway track component contribute high for the performance of the general track structure in different angles. In Ethiopia, on the new projects of railway; ballast as a basic constitute and determinant part of the selected ballistic electrified track; many researches not yet done in maximizing its efficiency on the coming project. And General selection of uneconomical quarry sites which is not located on the logical acceptable radius of the project , stated as the core problem of the thesis and their respected cost variation they experienced on the project studied in depth. In order to elaborate it , case study is selected on recently undergoing Ethio -Djibouti railway project of section Sebeta - Meiso ; two uneconomical quarry sites (Adama-Awash) selected by the contractor which are located out of the logical economic radius pointed down. The aim of this thesis is to access and study many different aspects which affect the general selection of the ballast materials; exploring additional quarry site in between Adama and Awash quarry sites and came with solution with minor blending with neighboring quarry to meet the required standard engineering properties. Finally this thesis finds alternative and reasonable solution of quarry configuration (Adama- Arole-Awash) after detailed economic evaluation and acceptable laboratorial results which experience high cost minimization than currently selected quarry site configuration (Adama- Awash) by the contractor.



Railway, ballast quarry, engineering properties, economic evaluation, cost minimization